Year 2004

These charts show the daily total Unsolicited Broadcast Email (UBE) count for two tiny Internet domains for the year 2004.  Current statistics and additional information are available here.

On 23-Feb-2004, when the daily arrival rate had nearly reached 1,300, we took the decision to retire the ten most-often-spammed accounts.  Deleting these ten accounts dropped the UBE traffic load by about half.

On 12-Apr-2004, we initiated an experimental feed of nearly all the UBE that arrives here to a new commercial enterprise that wishes to make use of this data to combat certain kinds of network abuse.  In support of this, we removed nearly all filters, blocks and countermeasures from the server, and reinstated the heavily-spammed accounts that had been removed earlier.  This resulted in the observed UBE rate more than doubling, as seen on the graph after that date.  The remaining daily rejected delivery attempts are largely "no such user" responses resulting from spammers attempting to guess valid addresses (i.e. "dictionary attacks").

The anomalously low counts on 26-Dec-2004 and 27-Dec-2004 reflect the effects of a network service interruption lasting approximately 36 hours.

Year 2004 Daily UBE Rate Chart, part 1

Year 2004 Daily UBE Rate Chart, part 2

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