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Build and operate your own low-budget universes. Get your free Win32 Newtonian Motion Simulator here.

Some Musty Old Documents From A Bygone Era.  I was in Germany, my Father was in Houston at Johnson Space Center.  These are scans of Earth and Lunar orbit charts from the Apollo 11 Mission.

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To the late, lamented Colonel David Hackworth I owe more than I could ever have repaid.

Support the troops:  criticize the leadership.
Been There, Done That, Have The Blue Box In A Shoebox

Get involved in the fight against junk FAX advertising.

I do some theatrical lighting design in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I am in the process of providing an on-line digital archive of the Rathbun-Rathbone-Rathburn Family Historian, a publication of the Rathbun Family Association that was distributed to members of the Association for a sixteen-year period beginning in 1981. The archive is here.

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